“We The People-Type Planning” Has Become Essential to America’s Survival. We’re not talking here about planning ala 19th Century Marxist Socialism. Our world has changed dramatically over two centuries since Marx lived and wrote. Advancing technology, high finance, global trade and much more are but the most visible aspects calling us to be both pro-American and pro-planet in the Third Decade of the Twenty-First Century. No longer is it reasonable to merely blare a one or two century-old view of how America ought to be managing itself now. No longer do we live in an era of early capitalism when coal-fired steam engines moved passengers through the countryside at then-breakneck speeds of little more than 25 miles per hour. Tragically, Donald Trump’s America is now caught with its pants down, metaphorically. Now is the time amid 2020’s Novel Coronavirus Crisis to lay to rest ultra-conservative political smears that demean comprehensive planning and preparedness. In 2020 instead, America requires a 20-20 vision based not upon 19th Century Marxism, but upon state-of-the-art planning skills as these are being practiced effectively by many of America’s leading nonprofit and business enterprises.

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