Weekly Tip 07: Americans: Let’s Get Our Mojo Back

America needs to get its MOJO back. It needs to get its plow horse, too-long sidelined as a hobby horse, back into the field. Quite simply, this is the only viable route to making American capitalism great again.

Forget high finance, computerized stock trading, casinos, high profile luxury hotel deals, and the like. You know: The sorts of business deals defining Donald Trump’s career. Forget rigging and gaming, as false routes to making the economy sizzle, to making America better. These are short-term facades, not unlike rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

This is not a time for passing unfunded tax cuts, the debt from which will be passed forward to be borne by future generations.

The real swamp needing to be drained, right now, is the swamp of corruption, public corruption included.

Now is the moment to stem seepage into the casino-like clutches of short-term-oriented Donald Trump-type high rollers.

Now, comes need for an essential focus on capturing long-term structural value.  This is value we can pass along to our kids, and their kids after them.

What ought responsible people to do, to hold daily life prudently within ethical guard rails?

Here are places to start; two great places to begin:
One. Stop the widespread Republican Party practice of cheapening government. Respect rather than denigrate civil servants who execute public business.
Two. Pay taxes ethically. This is our fair share of funds necessary to carry out the people’s business in America.

These are two, only two. Surely, however, these two are crucial to sustaining America, to making America great again.

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