Weekly Tip 05: We Are Not the Resistance, October 1, 2018

According to New York Times opinion writer Michelle Alexander, a new nation is struggling to be birthed. We are not the resistance to this birthing, she says.  Instead, we are the new-nation-movement itself.

It is Donald Trump and his minions, Alexander claims, who are the resistance; the ones pushing back; the ones blocking the pathway toward gaining the noble goal.

This new nation of Alexander’s vision will not be won solely, she says, through resistance to corruption, repression, hyper-nationalism and misogyny.  While massively important, these resistances are not sufficient alone, she says.  Instead, she chastens, the new nation will be won, only through relentless pursuit in the struggle for human dignity and freedom.

There is an economic component, of course.  Alexander might add also, her vision is hobbled by recent passage of unfunded tax cuts, the debt from which will be passed forward and added onto the backs of future generations.  Rather, we should be standing united in creating long-term structural value; that is, value to be paid forward for our kids.

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We Are Not The Resistance – The New York Times

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