How to make a video post:

Post the ‘plain’ youtube video link on its own line like below. The video may automatically show up in the post. See the “Text” editing tab for what this looks like. when published.

Don’t worry about the video’s size in the post for now, WordPress will take care of the formatting – click the ‘preview’ button to the right to see what it looks like live. Below the video, add some description about the video’s content.

In the “Format” box to the right, be sure to check the ‘video’ box, this helps a bit with how the post is formatted in certain parts of the site.

Some description here of the video’s content. be sure to mention the title of the video in here as well along with a couple sentences about the episode. This helps search engines and also visitors to the site understand the content a bit better. Text should be description and complement or summarize the video.

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