A Second Civil War | Capitalism in Crisis with Jim Sawyer

Does history repeat itself?  Maybe we’re entering a Second Great Depression?  Or perhaps even a rerun of America’s Civil War?

Now as then, our people are beset by a crisis of vision.  Who are we now, and what do we choose to become?

Can culture warfare be transcended?  Can we move toward building and sharing a common vision?  A collaborative and democratic vision respecting the rights and desires of all our people?

The link is to a Civil War-era reflection piece with music, recorded near the time of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.  It was prescient then and even more prescient now I believe, as Election 2020 looms.

U.S. Army Field Band and Chorus.  Lyrics by Julia Ward Howe.

Second Civil War?

~ Jim Sawyer

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Jim Sawyer