1776 to 2020? Is America as we have known her coming to a point of no return? What’s just around the corner? What comes next?

Are we staying up-to-the-moment with what America’s great minds and strong moral compasses are telling us? Here’s some powerful excerpts “screamed” at the American People on June 3, 2020.

Some headlines from the Washington Post:

Trump’s Threats to Deploy Troops Move America Closer to Anarchy:

For Former U.S. Intelligence Officials, Scenes of Armed Clashes and Strongman Poses are Familiar Signs of a Fraying Country:

And from the NY Times’ Thomas L. Friedman who decries the Republican Senate Caucus as nothing but a “political brothel:”

America, We Break It, It’s Gone—Where Can We Find the Leadership to Save the U.S.?

America’s promise now verges on life support. How do we extricate ourselves from Intensive Care?

Where may Donald Trump come down next? Watch Fox News for clues. Chances are, if it comes out of the mouth of someone like Tucker Carlson, it’s where President Trump will be dragging the United States of America, next.

~ Jim Sawyer

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